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365 Days
shiny green

 The best of Buxus and Ilex combined.

 An impressive combination of looks,
strength and comfort.

Discover the new Ilex LUXUS® series. Strong growth, compact habit, minimal maintenance, disease tolerance and dark green glossy leaves that hold their colour all year through. Ideal for hedging, landscaping and topiary projects.


Bred by André van Nijnatten.

Available exclusively with the Ilex LUXUS® Group.

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The Ilex LUXUS® Group

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Five growers based in the Netherlands joined this initiative to market an innovative series that offers an answer to many landscaping, growing and consumer needs. Joining forces, the Ilux LUXUS® Group offers a range of sizes and presentations available throughout Europe.


The Ilex LUXUS® Group

Don't miss the boat. Reach out.

The perfect replacement for Boxwood - disease resistant to Buxus Blight and Box Caterpillar Moth. That's something you don't want to miss out on. 

Reach out to the members of the Ilex LUXUS® Group directly.

Want to know more about Ilex Luxus®? Email:

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