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Ilex LUXUS® Globe

The new LUXUS® series is the sum of the best characteristics of Buxus and Ilex. An impressive combination of looks, strength and comfort.

Ilex crenata LUXUS® Globe is a stunning appearance with its compact, round shape. It reaches a height of 60 cm and a width of 50 cm. Like Buxus, its leaves are dark green, glossy and flat. Ilex crenata LUXUS® Globe is strong.

This shrub is disease-tolerant and winter hardy to -22° Celsius. It keeps its green colour throughout the year, unlike several other Ilex-varieties. Ilex crenata LUXUS® Globe is very easy to maintain. It requires less pruning than other Ilex varieties. It’s a masculine plant, so your garden will be free from toxic berries.

Ilex crenata LUXUS® Globe is excellent for usage in public green spaces and for mass planting. Also very suitable as solitary on balcony or terrace, in plant borders, as high hedge and for topiary. Plant LUXUS® Globe in loam, sandy or peat soil or any well-drained and fertile soil. It grows well in shade, partial shade and sun.

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